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Hebrew Genesis Contains Mathematically Encoded Pictures

Dieses Thema im Forum "Bücher, Filme und Medien" wurde erstellt von AGSzabo, 30. Juni 2012.

  1. AGSzabo

    AGSzabo New Member

    The Discovery

    Originally I wanted to analyze the distributions of gematric values in the Genesis and found therefore a computer based graphical method to display them. That method should provide round eye shaped views through using a polar coordinate system and so I named the method "Hitomi" which is Japanese for the pupil of the eye.

    The Hitomi-method worked, because I quickly realized that by this method certain numbers form real pictures: Planetary positions and cycles, star constellations, astronomical and geometric connections, and mystical symbols. They represent the Sephiroth of the kabbalistic Tree of Life ...

    continue reading at www.torakosmos.de

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